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Welcome to Haram

Haram is the most northern part of Sunnmøre, situated directly north of Ålesund. It covers an area 262 km² in size, with a population of 8617 on 1st January 2008.

It is natural to divide Haram into a larger mainland section with the communities Vatne, Tennfjord, Grytastranda, Søvik, Hildre, Helland and the administrative centre Brattvåg, and a group of four large islands: Løvsøya, Haramsøya, Skuleøya/Flemsøya og Fjørtofta.

The distinctive features of the landscape are narrow flat coastlines which ascend abruptly to form steep mountainous interiors as high as 1000 metres above sea level.

The name Haram originates from the largest and most western farm on Haramsøy, where the main church was situated from the 11th century until 1838. The parish was therefore called Haram, and later this became the name of the local council area. Some people believe the name derives from the hard, bare mountain crags in the vicinity, while others claim a connection with eagles. On the farm Haram there is a mound called Arnehaugen (Eagle mound).

Ramblers are spoilt for choice and degree of challenge as far as mountains and peaks are concerned. Several sports clubs have marked up mountain and shoreline paths, with register points. During the winter Krogsætra and upper Vatnedalen are good areas for making skiing trips. Both Vatne and Brattvåg have flood-lit skiing tracks.

There are several lakes and streams in Haram where trout, char and salmon fishing are possible. Salmon and sea trout reach up Hildreelva, Tennfjordelva and Vatneelva. Fishing licences must be obtained from landowners. The sea between the mainland and the islands is one of the most abounding in fish in the district.

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